About Knuckle Sandwiches

Knuckle Sandwiches was born out of the need for a better sandwich shop. People want and deserve more than just deli meat sandwiches. Let’s face it—Americans love sandwiches and would probably do more with them if we had more time. So, what do we do? We get the next best thing to satisfy our fix by relying on processed deli meat. Well, now you don’t have to settle anymore! We take a lot of pride and a great amount of effort to make our menu in house...from scratch! Real meat sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Fresh and crisp salads. Homemade cookies and desserts straight from Grandma's kitchen. 

How Did Knuckle Sandwiches Come to Be?  

I get it. I like sandwiches, too! So, after being in the restaurant business for over 20 years, I took my education from work experience, school, my wife's Hawaiian heritage and my mother, Lena, and created Knuckle Sandwiches. I grew up in Chicago—one of the premier food cities in the world. Because Chicago makes the best pizza in the world, I am an admitted Pizza snob! So I figured, that there are people who are that same as me, but with sandwiches! So why not make premier sandwiches with real meat. I have had a thorough education in what makes good food from working in full service, fast food, fast-casual, and watching my Mom cook for years. I didn’t even know I was learning then! So we have taken all of this and created a menu that will give you an expression of my life through food. From fare as simple as fried bologna sandwiches to much more complex creations like our Cuban and our Dagwood, these are sandwiches like the ones you make at home the day after Thanksgiving—the greatest sandwich-making day of the year! 

What You Can Expect

I’m a blue-collar guy, and I come from a blue-collar family. So I make sandwiches that will give you value for your money and fill you up! If you leave hungry and unsatisfied, it’s your own fault! We take pride and a great amount of effort to cook our menu in house...from scratch!  We will make sure you have enough food!

When you're hungry for a hearty, satisfying sandwich, visit Knuckle Sandwiches at one of two convenient locations in Mesa or Tempe, AZ. With mouth-watering options, including fresh roasted turkey on a pretzel bun, blackened chicken with Sriracha mayo on sourdough, or homemade pot roast with grilled onions and Swiss Cheese on Sourdough, there's sure to be an option for everyone...even Vegetarians.

Stop in to see us in Mesa or Tempe, AZ - you'll be glad you did!